Frequently Asked Questions

How will a premium law domain increase traffic to my website?

Premium law domains can increase traffic to your website by incorporating your relevant keywords in the domain link that's displayed in search results. Numerous studies have been conducted by companies such as Microsoft that concluded people searching online have a "domain bias" towards domains that contain the exact keywords typed in the search query. It has been established that you can increase the chance of your domain getting clicked by approximately 45% if your domain contains the relevant keywords searched.

Won’t a premium law domain compete with my brand?

No. Premium law domains are used to direct traffic to your main website. offers memorable law domain names that will work harmoniously with your targeted ad campaigns. For example, if you are running a radio ad for your corporate law firm, and your ads are targeted to people looking for a contract lawyer, it would be much easier for the listener to remember "" than "this-person-that-person-and-this-person-and-associates-corporate-law-lawyers-llp".

Are ".com" domains better than ".ca" domains?

Generally speaking, yes ".com" domains are more recognisable globally, however, when a potential website visitor is looking for a local law firm or Canadian legal services, a ".ca" domain is more relevant. Most Canadians prefer to click on a ".ca" domain because they know that the website is Canadian. Only Canadians are allowed to register a ".ca" top-level domain (TLD).

Why should I lease a domain rather than buying it?

To meet your short-term marketing objectives, leasing a domain may be the smarter option. Unless you are planning to build your main website with the premium law domain, leasing a domain will allow you to run your online advertising campaigns more efficiently. Leasing a law domain will allow you to use it only when you need it according to your search engine marketing (SEM) plan.

Can I lease a law domain that is currently listed for sale?

Yes. Select law domains listed "for sale" may be available for "lease" at's sole discretion. Please contact us for more information regarding availability.

Can I purchase a law domain that is currently listed for lease?

Yes. Select law domains listed for "lease" may be available for sale with or without a "Domain Lease Agreement with Option to Purchase" at's sole discretion.

Is cybersquatting?

No. Cybersquatting is a form of trademark infringement. All domains listed for "lease" or "for sale" at use only generic words that will not infringe any trademarks. Our premium law domains are intended to be used by professional in the legal industry who are looking to increase traffic to their website by using law domain names that contain their relevant keywords.

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